Shoes that are long and pointy toed, like winklepickers. Men usually wear them but now girls are starting too.
Very fashionable for indie kids to wear them, usually in Camden with drainpipes.
'check out his brogues'
'nice brogues love'
by Caseeeey February 22, 2008
When a Bro commits an act that is considered bogus to another Bro.
Bro #1 - "Hey, Bro. Don't be mad, but I hooked up with your ex last night at a party."
Bro #2 - "Bro, why you do me Brogus?"

Bro #1 - "Sorry Bro, I didn't mean to do you Brogus. She was just coming on to me, and I thought that it was cool since you guys broke up like, a year ago."
Bro #2 - "We broke up last week, Bro. That was so Brogus."
by Drawers8894 August 1, 2015
adj. - a bogus act, situation, statement, etc. taking place between or amongst bros
Bro 1: "Hey bros, I can't bro out and watch Family Guy with you 'cause I gotta go cut the grass at my stepdad's."

Bros 2-5: "That's brogus!"
by prafroman August 27, 2008
A word use to describe the speech pattern, timbre, and syntax of anyone from the British Isles. Often used in conjunction with various dialects such as Cockney or Dubliner.
Connor: So I said to the wench, get down and lick me yardballs or I'll turn ya around and putta tonky in yer tradesmen's entrance!
Dave: Wow that was pretty awk- wait, what does that even mean? I can't understand you speaking in a fucking brogue!
by Yog Sethis July 24, 2008
When you’re good bro does you wrong.
Luke: Kyle’s brogus, my friend.
Chad: What’d he do? You guys are so tight.

Luke: He went climbing with my buddy Andee and didn’t invite me.

Chad: Shit. That’s not cool. Andee was your big homie.

Luke: I know.

Chad: And Andee’s a beast. I bet he crushed it.

Luke: True.
by Gengalore June 26, 2018
A combination of the words bro and rogue, both of which are common nicknames for your friends. It has a friendly connotation.
Naw brogue, I would rather go cruising for some sexpots!
by Bronaldo7 July 17, 2010
the act of dickin around with your friends (or bros) when you should be working on a school project or something of equal importance.

(antonym: see brocus)
yo tim we gotta cut the brogus today and get this chem shit done.
by brostradamusIV October 25, 2009