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When a Bro commits an act that is considered bogus to another Bro.
Bro #1 - "Hey, Bro. Don't be mad, but I hooked up with your ex last night at a party."
Bro #2 - "Bro, why you do me Brogus?"

Bro #1 - "Sorry Bro, I didn't mean to do you Brogus. She was just coming on to me, and I thought that it was cool since you guys broke up like, a year ago."
Bro #2 - "We broke up last week, Bro. That was so Brogus."
by Drawers8894 September 03, 2015
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adj. - a bogus act, situation, statement, etc. taking place between or amongst bros
Bro 1: "Hey bros, I can't bro out and watch Family Guy with you 'cause I gotta go cut the grass at my stepdad's."

Bros 2-5: "That's brogus!"
by prafroman August 27, 2008
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the act of dickin around with your friends (or bros) when you should be working on a school project or something of equal importance.

(antonym: see brocus)
yo tim we gotta cut the brogus today and get this chem shit done.
by brostradamusIV October 25, 2009
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When you’re good bro does you wrong.
Luke: Kyle’s brogus, my friend.
Chad: What’d he do? You guys are so tight.

Luke: He went climbing with my buddy Andee and didn’t invite me.

Chad: Shit. That’s not cool. Andee was your big homie.

Luke: I know.

Chad: And Andee’s a beast. I bet he crushed it.

Luke: True.
by Gengalore June 26, 2018
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A rare skin condition, in which the occpant develops large hives along the eyebrows when attracted to someone of the opposite sex.
Penelope developed a serious case of brogus every time she set eyes on her Highschool English teacher.
by Emma 2006 September 04, 2006
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