A deep brotherly connection with another male that can be both related to you or not related to you. You two are so close that you are brothers for life. Originated by Calacat in 2009 north of Seattle.
by Calacat2 February 21, 2011
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1.A term of endearment towards a friend,associate,brother, sister,etc.

2.the long word for the west coast term "bro"
Isabela: Yo you goin out tonight?
S: nah bro bro I'm chillin in the crib for now.
by fsdhhndvn April 7, 2009
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A term used as acknowledgement and subtle inquiry between narcotic junkies, buyers, and sellers. This term is most commonly used between methamphetamine users, and sometimes between opiate junkies, or users of various narcotic substances.
"What's up bro bro?"
"Just chillin bro bro. Hey, let's talk over there, away from the haters, informants, and cameras"
by Thejaymann April 24, 2019
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a word you can use to describe your homie homies--- a word that can be used to describe swodey people
hey bro bro can you get me some onions
by kunz_swodey March 5, 2019
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Another word to use in replacement for homie, bro, etc.
Wassup bro bro, how’s it goin?
by Sokai2 July 6, 2020
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