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Derived from the root words "butt" and "drink". Meaning to consume alcohol through the anus.
"Bro, pull down your pants, get the funnel, and let's do some serious brinking!"
by candybrofartsniff October 17, 2009
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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The act of performing Oral Sex in which the female counter part brings the man to the point of cumming. Then bringing them back down again. Increasing the amount of semen trapped inside of the penis. Eventually resulting in a very thick load.
Guy: Man, Rachel kept Brinking me last night! Guy 2: Biggest orgasm ever though, amirite? Guy: Everyone should be brought to the Brink atleast once in their life...
by Valvatorezz October 01, 2012
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The drunken combination of the words "binge" and "drinking"
Jo: "That was the greatest brinking party ever,eh!"
by crazygothvixen July 18, 2008
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