Derived from the root words "butt" and "drink". Meaning to consume alcohol through the anus.
"Bro, pull down your pants, get the funnel, and let's do some serious brinking!"
by candybrofartsniff October 17, 2009
boy 1: my bestfriend is trying to chat up my girlfriend

boy 2: that’s brinked cunt
by hiheyhello178 August 11, 2021
"he's brinking" "look out he's brinked" "alright, don't brink"
by #thegarage March 11, 2015
The way the world can be at peace, not fighting but not safe either.
The way we can live is on the brink, OTB
by Friar Re April 6, 2019
The universal smoke spot in Pawcatuck, Connecticut.
Dude, I got so high at The Brink that I threw up in the water!
by thehotpotato69 October 20, 2019
A brick combined with glass shards, used to bash the head of a smug douchebag. Produces a satisfying sound upon contact and plenty of blood and tears.
Coach moach has been brinked! No more case summaries.
by PARTNOR AT DAVIES June 16, 2008
Brink is a class-based First-Person Shooter video game set in a dystopian future. The game was developed by Splash Damage using the id Tech 4 engine, and it was published by Bethesda.

You live on a floating city known as the Ark, since the world has been flooded. The Ark has become severely overcrowded and you must choose to either support the Security and save the Ark, or support the Resistance and escape the Ark to look for new places to live.

The campaign and mulitplayer of Brink is mixed, meaning you can play the campaign alone, or online. However, the two modes are seamlessly integrated. Freeplay is also available, and it allows custom options for online play.

The reviews for Brink are extremely mixed and ranged. Many praise it for its uniqueness and integrated mulitplayer and single player. Others, however, criticize the fact that the game may have been rushed, and that there are several technical issues and limitations.

The game is for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.
Man 1: I bought Brink and I love playing it. It's so unique!
Man 2: Dude, that game has so many technical problems. I'll wait till Bethesda/Splash Damage releases some patches ot updates, then I'll get it.
by ahriik May 14, 2011