The act of bringing raw, explosive masculine energy to an activity or venue.
"When Plato goes to the gym he'll really bring the thunder-have you ever seen him teach those weights a lesson in respect?"
by nyctaoist May 29, 2008
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When you first start up a car after a while

As said by Derek from vice grip garage
"time to bring the thunder"

*Cranks on old Chevy which hasn't started in 20 years*

"I'll be dipped, she started right up"
by Sam. M October 8, 2022
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An intransitive verb describing the act of being a cum-guzzling thunder-cunt.

The phrase is appropriate in situations where a woman is being a total bitch and/or whore.
Did you hear that Dave's girl has been bringing the thunder on him? She's totally been sleeping around.
by Joetoldmetodoit April 27, 2011
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