The process through which a male and a female undergo a form of intercourse in which the female uses her hair to sexually pleasure the reproductive genitalia of the male. This is generally how one knows that a relationship has become serious, and often symbolizes commitment.
"Did you hear about those two? They were just brimping! Neither one of them even proposed!"
by Oh hiiiiiiiii February 25, 2014
To simp for a homie without sexual desire. You love them, but you dont want to get into the sheets with them.
Homie 1: Hey man, id do anything to make you happy.
Homie 2: Yo you’re a Brimp man, I love you for it.
by Sexyboi342 August 7, 2020
A person who wears dirty old clothes and has no care for how they look.
by Hsinc17 December 28, 2015
A guy that is always talking about the bro code who basically simps for his bros/homies
Aby: hey Zachary want to do the English project together?

Zachary: nah I’m doing it with Pablo😩

by Ok_boomerr December 16, 2021
Brimp male Simp.

When u act like you're every mandems top boy

When in reality

You're just a brimp and do everything for them even tho they don't give a actual shit bout you.

Don't be a brimp a male version of a simp
by GhostBudda September 9, 2020