The kid who always somehow gets invited to things/shows up
Kyle- Hey did you invite Brendon?
Victor- I didn’t

Jayson- He was hidden in my trunk
by Chad003 November 24, 2019
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A boy that every girl would die for, he is so handsome, romantic and sexy. Brendon will always have your side, and is always going to protect you. He is athletic, he has great hair, and will be your best-friend for life.
Brendon is so hot.
by B.ma4 December 15, 2017
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True meaning-prince-fits perfect. Amazing, gorgeous, intelligent, talented. One who makes his mother proud and woman even prouder. One in a million, makes any day better by playing the guitar. Love of my life, best laugh ever.
Brendon is the prince and i am his princess.
by bunnyface420 February 17, 2010
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A guy that likes memes. He's generally good at stuff, but also bad at stuff. If you know a Brendon, consider yourself lucky. Or maybe don't.
Hey, Brendon is a total Brendon, dude.
by TheTrueBoy March 08, 2018
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a number of kids that are not brendon urie that are insulted, due to the fact that whenever they search their name they get brendon urie crap.
girl: i love brendon!
brendon looks over
girl: eww not you, brendon urie!
by bdog1321 November 23, 2007
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Brendons are fun and they have a great sense of humor but think less of theirselves even tho they have a great personality. They are intelligent and humorous. They are meant to be with a girl named Brenna. Sorry I had to put that in there
Omg did you hear Brendon joke today it was hilarious.
by BballGirl0921 November 05, 2018
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If you find a Brendon, don’t let them go. They’re so sweet and can make you smile when you’re down. They’ll make you laugh when you’re upset.

Another perk of a brendon is their smoking looks. They are so attractive! Also they’re known to be good kissers ;) brace yourself!
Brendon’s are super caring people. They’ll all ways be there for yo when you’re upset and need someone to cheer you up. They’ll charm their way into your life one way or another, and not in a bad way.
Brendon is so sweet!
via giphy
by Person42069666 October 29, 2017
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