fortnite dude with okay vocal and smelly, greasy hair, and a beautiful wife
there he goes, brendon’s playing fortnite again!!
by stan panic! at the disco March 26, 2019
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The Brendon also known as; Beatrice, Mowgli, Bernadette, Betty, Sebindi, Halfbreed, Indian version of ginger and many more, is an Indian, Chinese, Anime, Caucasian, grown man child. As a full grown adult he looks like a 12 year old, dark of complexion, with Chinese eyes and long black anime hair. Typically watches Hentai sploshing tentacle porn every chance this rare species gets. As the tale goes, a Brendon is raised in a Jungle by a bear and a panther and wolves (Brendon was on LSD when this story took place) he shat in bushes, trees, shoes, hair, his food, anything he had to in order to survive. You want to steer clear of this species as he will shit in your moms best dress with no remorse. This species needs to be avoided at all costs.
"I ran into a Brendon while taking a jog. He stole my hat, shoes, and pants, shat on it all and put it on my front doorstep, when I got inside he also managed to get in and shat in my mothers Closet while looking me in the eye with such malice and no remorse"
"MY GOD Baloo, how did you ever manage to make it out un-shat-on?"
"I told him his mom sent be bobs and vagene pictures, he got sad and ran away crying"
by The Midget lover October 18, 2017
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Usually seen with a android, likes to have sex on the phone , he’s kind and very mean so don’t get on is bad side . He is a funny mike FAN ! He’s usually born in July, August or June !
Brendon a fag
by January 14, 2021
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Badass motherfucker who has a large penis but is a very nice guy quick with love but scared of love likes too fuck around even though he still catches feeling he's a great guy but has trouble showing emotion the only way he expressed emotion is through drawing and writing songs btw he is really good at writing songs he is very insecure at times but doesn't put up with shit you don't want to fuck with him cause he will whoop your ass and he is in love with family family is everything too him and he usually want to have 2 to 4 kids and will be very successful in life but he's also a dreamer and that can cause problems plus he's a nicotine addict
by October 04, 2020
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John: Hey Brendon come play tag with us!

Brendon: No I'm Playing Fucking Soccer.
via giphy
by LaSsO dIcK hEaD September 10, 2020
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Brendon is a great person! He defends his friends and always follows a certain code. He also simps for rich boys!
Brendon look! It’s togami

by Thatonesimp June 02, 2020
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