An alcoholic beverage consumed before noon.
I felt so hungover this morning that I broke down and had a breedlove.
by skeezer pleazer August 4, 2009
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A gay red haired redneck from georgia that has a bunch of dandruff
by Nick Bolyard March 23, 2005
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That one annoying kid that you kind of like but not really. He is also someone that is really bad at picking and making friends. PS He is horrible at sports
Wow he is such a Caleb Breedlove why does he hangout with that Jacob Silvers kid
by 123obesity February 16, 2017
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a woman with 3 kids, all girls, has a nice ass, she is somewhat thick but very attractive to teenage guys. she has an amazingly cute face and all guys want to do her.

shes a nice person overall and she bakes alot.
wow emily your mom is so Ginger Breedlove!
by wgsek July 2, 2009
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