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A blow job in the morning right after you wake up. Usually after a rough nite of drinking and hoggin'. Performed by skanks or your wife.
"so I brought that 48 year old that I met at the bar home and the next morning she gave me breakfast in head" Steven said before eating a slice of pizza.
"Wow, dude! That's great!" Matt exclaimed. "she's old enough to be your mom"
true story
by Fatbox October 01, 2006
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A righteous sexual manoeuvre, appropriate for any romantic man.

When the girl asks for breakfast in bed, he makes a special effort to wake just before her. As she stirs, he pulls the covers away and pins her down with his legs. He then carefully aims his orgasmal trajectory facewards. After depositing his load in the target area, he proclaims, "There's your fucking breakfast. Coffee?"
We had a wonderful time in Venice - really enjoyed San Marco, saw an orchestra perform Verdi, went to an opera; at the hotel she took it up the grand canal and I gave her breakfast in head.
by Commode Dragon August 05, 2010
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