To be owned, or to fuck up.
Andrew, you just got brayed.
Man, I think I just got brayed by that midterm.

You brayed up
by Rick_from_california2 February 22, 2010
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Arranging to go to the pub to watch the footy, then pulling out at the last minute.
“Is Adam still coming down the pub?”
“Nah, he’s pulled a Bray”.
by The Southern Bullet February 29, 2020
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Everything;Replacing one thing with another to make others confused.
Where's my bray?(Previously was "Where's my spray?")
by Mustachemonkay July 29, 2012
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A term used in India to describe a sex act in which two lesbians scissor while hanging off an elephant.
Gita and Kanta are Braying over by that watering hole.
by KahliIndianSexGodess June 17, 2013
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A gay bro. Some one who chugs beers, smoke cheap cigarettes, eats a box of captain crunch with Cheetos for lunch.
Twink:Hey look at those pack of brays leaving the Red Ivy!

Muscle jock: yeah Wrigleyville is way too douchy for me.
by King of the mo's December 05, 2013
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To beat someone up / to deck someone. Usually done in the local park surrounded by a group of chavs.
Charlotte was well known for braying people at the rocket park after chugging several monsters
by The Sensible One November 19, 2017
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