German, colloquial expression for 'extreme' (krass) from the lower Rhine area / Krefeld. Surfaced first in the early 1980s, at that time meaning 'brutal, lots of gore'.
Die Klausur war ganz braun. Vorm Polonia-Grill stehen ganz braune Asis rum. Ich war braunstens hacke. Wie braun bist du denn drauf!
by Robin S. a.k.a. MakeAMillYen November 19, 2006
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An (originally German) company, established in 1921 by Max Braun. It produced one of the first electric shavers in 1950, and was eventually bought out by the Gillette company in 1967.
Today, Braun is the name behind much of the top personal hygene technology on the market.
This new Braun Oral-B electric toothbrush I just got sucks.
by Vanter March 29, 2004
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" Ill stick my big braun inside your wet pussy"
by pyn December 28, 2006
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Tom: oi fam u wanna go braun?
Morgan: yh safe we on schedule
Bowden: Thas wassup!
by kingswell23 November 27, 2010
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1. Verb- A senseless act of random or domectic violence.
2. Noun- A very tight, white tank top that is ribbed in texture. Commonly called an a-shirt or a wifebeater
1. Dont make me get all braun on your face, bitch!
When her brother finds Brian, he is going to get super braun on his ass.
Your ass is grass and I am the braun-mower
2. Walmart had a sale on three packs of bruans.
If you dont fold my brauns right, i'm going to get all braun on your face, bitch!
by jross0076 July 31, 2007
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When you intentionally misquote a joke, a movie line, or song to get a person in the room to correct you!

You are said to have Brauned them.
when quoting Caddyshack movie, "20 bucks says you slice"

the real quote, "100 bucks says you slice"

upon hearing a song with a group of people that is famously Bon Jovi ........ you say - " I love Journey" ... when someone corrects you - you say "I Brauned you" (with great satisfaction)
by Reevenator September 11, 2012
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He is a savage and is very hype. This handsome man is very intelligent and humorous
Braun is a legit savage
by Braunorlebron November 19, 2017
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