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An (originally German) company, established in 1921 by Max Braun. It produced one of the first electric shavers in 1950, and was eventually bought out by the Gillette company in 1967.
Today, Braun is the name behind much of the top personal hygene technology on the market.
This new Braun Oral-B electric toothbrush I just got sucks.
by Vanter March 29, 2004
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Superlative of gay.
Orgin possibly as a result of typing mistakes, or from a pronunciation emphasis.

1. Extremely and negatively bad. So disturbingly bad that one begins to add letters to previous words, in an attempt to reconcile the badness described. See Fuckin A

2. Very homosexual. See flamer
1. This definition is teh ghay.

2. That guy with no shirt checking out your package is soo ghay.
by Vanter March 29, 2004
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