A very young university, founded in part by Albert Einstein, located a few miles outside of Boston that is quickly becoming comparable to great schools such as MIT, Harvard, and Dartmouth.
Dude, I just got into Brandeis! It's like Jewish Harvard! Except I'm not Jewish..
by calistud June 16, 2008
Brandey is English, the name of the distilled wine from the Dutch term "brandewijn." It's also an Italian surname meaning sword. Brandey's are shy, very caring, lovable and keep to their word. Anyone who comes in contact with them will want to stay friends with them forever. They are very loyal people.
Brandey is so attractive due to their beauty and loyalness.
by 810ohyeahbaby May 6, 2011
The phenomena experienced by Brandeis University students who, upon leaving campus, find nearly every single person they see to be extremely attractive. This is due to the overwhelmingly unattractive population of students at Brandeis. Students attracted to men are especially susceptible to this illness, as the men at Brandeis are even less attractive than the women.
Girl 1: Did you see that guy walking past? He was SO hot!
Girl 2: Honey, you need to take off your Brandeis Goggles. He was balding and fat at 20 years old.
by unfortunatestudents October 8, 2011
A school six miles west of Boston named after the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Louis D. Brandeis. The girls there aren't quite so hot, and they did produce Richard Rubin (runner-up of "Beauty and the Geek".) School motto is "truth unto its innermost parts," although the phrase "Bran-Po can suck my nuts" is a close second, followed by "Aramark swallows" as a distant third.

Brandeis is a predominantly Jewish school (hence the monopoly on awkwardness), yet manages to be less financially endowed then the other filthy rich colleges within an 8-mile radius. That just means Brandeis can be just as smart as Harvard and Tufts without the fanciness or pretentious airs the Ivys and Seven Sisters take for granted.

If Wellesley College, is Hogwarts, then Brandeis is the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters--yes, it is populated by mutants, but as you can see, mutants can kick ass and be cool, too.
1: Dude, why can't Usdan be open earlier?
Reff: Hey Brandeis University student, would you like some cheese with that whine?

Non-Jew: Where's this party that everyone goes to on Friday nights?
Jew: It's called services?
by LiveattheSchwarzenegger September 20, 2005
The coolest AZA chapter in the world. The colors are blue and white and it was founded in 1963. Brandeis is most well-known for having one of the longest serving advisors in BBYO history, Moish Hamburg.
Five-fold convention. Bravaa! Moishburgers

and most importantly Brandeis AZA
by pseudonym1519 May 8, 2011
the diarrhea one experiences after eating anything from the dining halls at Brandeis University, especially food from the Sherman dining hall
Person 1: Hey wanna go hang out?

Person 2: No I can't

Person 1: Why not?

Person 2: Brandeis Shits
by B-rabbit8293 October 6, 2011
The act of a guy going up to a girl from behind, grabbing her crotch, and starting to dance/grind with her at a party or club.

Origin of Name: Brandeis University, a university whose men are alleged to be physically and socially awkward and inept with women.
JAP #1: Oh my g-d! That guy just gave me a Brandeis Handshake

JAP #2: Ugh, what a dork!
by thegreatrock March 13, 2010