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The creeping corporatisation of schools, libraries and other public buildings, which are gradually being daubed with company logos and slogans. Coined by graffiti artist Banksy, and expounded on in his book "Wall and Piece"
"Have you been in a Yahoo! taxi yet? Brandalism at its finest", "Our high school has been Brandalized by Pepsi"
by A.Leonard February 21, 2007
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When luxury brands become debased, by their vulgar consumers.
When Chavs drink Moet, it's Brandalism.

When Diddy flaunts his Maybach, it's Brandalism.

When Abercrombie & Fitch offers to pay The Situation to NOT wear their clothes, it's a botched response to Brandalism.

When Pauly D is photographed in a faux-rugby shirt, emblazoned with a large Ralph Lauren Polo logo, it's blatant, deliberate, flagrant and egregious Brandalism!
by Abejuan August 17, 2011
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Counterculture and often illegal activities to promote a brand such as the act of placing unwanted advertisements and brand logos on property without proper permission.
the Ecko Company equates graffiti, not as crime or vandalism, but as freedom of speech. The impacted property owners may not agree but, apparently, "brandalism" does not bother the youth culture as they scoop up their urban hip clothes. Ecko has successfully fought legal injunctions against their conducting and celebrating the works of renowned graffiti artists.
by Maverick Marketing April 17, 2009
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