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Anyone who constantly feels they have the need to use the brakes on their cars.

-old people
-cautious drivers
- the occasional drunk

These types of people use the brakes anywhere where:
-there is no traffic light
-there is no stop sign
-there's nobody around (See brake nazi)
-on the fast lane of major highways (i.e. I-95)

One other way to spot this driver is that they:
-never follow the speed limit (they drive 45 in a 50)
-they're have a lot of cars behind them
-they drive either a "fuel efficient" car or a duster
-are probably lost

tips to get past them
-just cut a lane over when you get the chance and have your foot to the floor when you pass.
Jimbo: "Damn man, can this guy ever pick up the pace. WHY THE HELL IS HE ON THE BRAKES!?"

Nate: "Dude, Calm down. It's a brake pedaller. we'll pass him when we get the chance."
by Underage O.D. July 15, 2009
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