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Intellectually savvy. Witty or smart in a social context.
That bitch be straight brainin talkin bout So-crates an dem po-litical shitz...
by Mena and Nathan August 23, 2006
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When someone that is a targeted indavidual is being followed and harrased by v2k and technology and is electrically raped ,torcherd, by a group of organized stalkers .intended to ruin and destroy the targets intire life inevitably leading to there imprisonment, suicide, or murder.By spreading. Horrific lies about the targeted individual to people in there community also. The brainers make the target look insainly crazy .They will go so far as to dress up as the individual and have another brainer record it and show people in there community so they jave more leverage at there goal, So noone will interact with the individual ment to siclude the person from social interactions leading to sever depression, homelessness, and homelessness, thwy will f
Go as far as to commit crimes and plant rhings belonging to the target such as hair ,finger nail clippings,anything that could incriminate the target ,and it will bot stop it can go on for years until they acomplish there goal wich is to eliminate ,erase,rhe death of the targeted individual...and thease tarted people are usually good people that are un aware of why this is hapining and are innocent. The brainers get paid to do this as well. Usually good money ,and have total disregaurd for Human life. And what they are doing. To innocent people thease brainers .tgink they are Godlike because they are unhappy with there own life they take pleasure in ruining others definition sociopaths ...
Brainin =the elimination of an innocent person
by Breahl4life May 10, 2018
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