South African variant of the barbecue.

It is technically different from barbecuing in that the wood fire is fed for several hours and then allowed to burn down. The food is then cooked over the red-hot embers.
Come to Jaapie's place man, he's having a braai!
by dYsLeXiA January 17, 2005
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Throw some chops on the Braai
by Riyo December 1, 2003
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Braai is a South Africa way of life.

Braai is a method how newly wedded husbands cook for the family , because it is the easiest way...
Unlike the rest of the world, you can braai anything.
"Sit 'n tjoppie op die braai en raak vir my rustig"
Put a chop on the braai. And start relaxing.
by TheSAway October 7, 2018
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South African word for a barbecue. According to Pork Scotch and Goofy Granny this is "the only way to eat" and even "the only way to live". In reality however it is the only way to be fat and gay and wear pink flowery shorts.
For normal people a braai is something reserved for special occasions. For Scotch Man Porky Wawky its something you do at least once a day if the sun is out.
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Noun. Male genitalia especially when the man is wearing a wet speedo. Comes from a packaged tray of barbecue or braai meats available in most South African supermarkets, usually composed of a small steak, a chop and a piece of boerewors - a fat, local sausage. The pack is presented on a Polystyrene tray and is covered in clear cling wrap.
I wish Ryan would stop parading around in that speedo. I'm sick of seeing his braai pack.
by Bradley D. June 6, 2007
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The Afrikaans word for braai sandwich.

Braaied on a trurly South African wood Braai (fire).

Always tastes better the next day after being left in the fridge for the night.
Koos: This girl is amazing.... I think she is the one....

Piet: What makes her so special?

Koos: She makes the most mouthwater braai broodjies.
by TheSAway October 7, 2018
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1) The crown jewels between a mans legs, that throbbs inside the pulsating vulva.

2) A barbaque pack consisting of a sausage and various other meaty bits.
1) Laura wasn't very hungry so she just nibbled on the business end of my braai pack.

2) Betty wasnt very happy with the size of John's Braai pack, thus the "barbeque" was unsuccessful...
by Ricky Sad News August 29, 2006
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