When a certain thing or person acts in a gay fashion (slang: Stupid; Idiotic, Jose), this phrase can take the place of one such as "You are a gay fag."
If I said "You are a gay person," "If _____ was a boy it would like other boys," could be substituted instead. For example "If Pikachu were a boy it would like other boy Pikachus."
by Bik Valbordo November 22, 2007
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The expression you’d use when someone does something stupid or something you don’t understand.
Joey: “I stuck my dick in a blender and turned it on”
Rob: “boi wth boi
by ᴊɪᴛ August 22, 2022
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A human who has been degraded by society for being too full of edamame; also known as an eDamame's boy; this degraded human is used by women and men alike to plow so that the soy boy becomes a plaything for the benefit of the more dominant. This evolved human is also known as a Chad dad or a barren Karen. Though many will use these boys many still will marry them and find an enriched life full of splendor.
What kind of men are you interested in? A man that eats his vegetables and slams this punani every night. You know, like a soy boy boy toy.
by benedikCumABatch January 5, 2023
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You. It is you. Yes you. ThisissoCheap.
Hey. Wyd. Lol. Damn. Fr? Nah. Man.

Oh that's a fuck boy (f boy)
by Garret Dillain July 23, 2022
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Biggest hypemen ever , dumbest clowns and the oaks of Pretoria
by Boys High Legend November 20, 2020
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The best Big boi, Gud boi, Tall boi, Patriotic boi, Pakistan boi, Smurt boi , Everything Positive boi, Giga boi, Giga nigga boi ASWELL.
by Big boi gud boi Taha November 16, 2022
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