The fun role, all the others are boring
pro tip, if you're among us imposter just blame purple and say he was acting kinda sus
by TheFunnyJoJoMan October 1, 2020
This basically just means sus, but longer and more formal
Ayo bro, Jeremy's acting real sussy among us imposter balls over there
by Sirjanji February 20, 2022
The among us imposter 3am challenge is a really dangerous challenge that has killed many people in the past, the challenge consists of the following steps
1. drink an among us potion
2. pick up the call from the among us
3. try not to die to the among us

The challenge is really scary and is only for extreme people.
Hello guys welcome back to my youtube channel today i will be doing the among us imposter 3am challenge
by notsusman1014234 September 7, 2022
The among us imposter 3 am challenge is a challenge based on the game among us,

you are required to call the among us imposter who looks like a jelly bean with little legs and a little blue part on his face that represents glass to sea through, the imposter has a backpack on his back. In the game the imposter is required to kill the other crew mates who look just like him, the challenge requires the challenger to call the imposter's phone number, the number will not be listed as this challenge has led to many deaths, after calling the imposter, DO NOT listen to what he says because he will say something like "unlock your door" or "(friends name) is the imposter" After the calls end in 10 to 30 minutes the imposter will come to your house with a knife, do not let him kill you or else you die. you need to shoot the imposter with a gun or a bomb, an m16 would work best for shooting the imposter and a pipe bomb would work for blowing him up. A second imposter might come but it is really rare.
Im gonna do the among us imposter 3am challenge!
by notsusman1014234 September 7, 2022


















OMG is that the Among us imposter sussy at 3 am.
by Among us imposter sussy at 3am October 31, 2021
so its basically an imposter that plays among us but is funny and posts memes on Fourchan and is a lil pochamp that has a drippy Goku figure
now thats one among us imposter drip goku funny meme pogchamp
by hoku drup March 7, 2021