1. Someone who is of amusement and satisfaction to another, be it sexual or purely innocent, when they are beckoned (doesn't matter what age).

2. An object that is given to a child to distract them for a few moments so parents can do what they have to do
1. "Lana decided to call her plaything up for some fun. She only calls him when she needs him"

2. "Sue had a lot of work to do, so she gave George a toy train as his plaything to occupy him for a while."
by Clauds June 9, 2007
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adjective for someone you hook up with repeatedly and very often. you are, in no way shape or form, a thing and you DO NOT like each other. you just like hooking up with them.
girl: k gtg hu w zack
best friend: you mean your plaything??

girl: ya it's playtime
by unicornsarereal February 5, 2018
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What a chick grumbles to her family/friends regarding da clueless indolence of her main squeeze, and is referring to da fact dat he does not bother to re-dress her upper torso after a boobs-savoring session, simply walks around da house naked after an interval of between-his-legs-based recreation wif her, forgets to straighten up da bed after a bouncy-bouncy, etc.
My new guy is a total "Mr. Cuddly" and never makes me feel left out or unattended, but he hasn't "grown up" as far as childhood unawareness is concerned --- he STILL doesn't put away his playthings afterwards!
by QuacksO July 8, 2023
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