A good doggo or catto who just wants sum food.
Boi, thats a good boi right there.

*gives happy doggo foods*
by Hacker shober August 28, 2018
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A very good dog, usually a male. Alternative spelling is Good boye.
by OneWhoPetsDogs May 17, 2018
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A dog That is too good for this World
My dog Helped Push A Person In A wheelchair He is A Good boi
by MrSkeleBoner March 10, 2020
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I asked him to get me flashcards, and he's such a good boi that he went to three different stores.
by satansamosas October 23, 2018
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A pet-name given to a male partner, also known as a male-sub or sub-slut, by a male or female dom. Depending on the relationship or quality of sex, a "good boy" can be meant as a title of endearment used to help guide the male-sub through foreplay or sexual activity. As the dominatrix teases the male-sub more and more overtime, the term "good boy" can associate itself with sexual pleasure and rewarding behaviour, much like a relationship between pet and master.

Keep in mind that a "good boy" can be referred to as such in any sexual relationship, whether it be rough/BDSM/Masochistic/Mommydom/
Rape-roleplay, or gentle-fuck fetish-based, and can even be used for reverse roles where the male-partner is the dom and the female partner is the fem-sub.
"Alright, baby, flex your boy-pussy for me and get ready for momma to ravage you like the man-slut you are. That's it, such a good boy!"

"I'm the good boy in the relationship. Whether it's a rough-fuck or a cuddle-session, I'm a man-slut for acknowledgement."
by HueyLongdong35 June 6, 2021
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A boy too good for this world, too precious and pure. He deserves a pat on the back and for people to ruffle his hair and give him gifts of adoration.
"Kaminari good boy," she said as she ruffled the hero's hair gingerly.

"Dude. Have you read the new chapter of DGM? Allen is such a good boy!" The guy went on enthusiastically.
by HamilhamTrash November 8, 2017
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A doggo that is really good. Doggos can also be Called "good girls" it just matters what their gender is.
Joe: GOOOODDD (place gender here)!!!!!!
Doggo: *borks and wags its tail as much as it can*

Good boys are good and so are good girl doccos
by Sk8rminer June 17, 2017
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