1. A term originally used to define Robin in the comic book series 'Batman and Robin'; Batman is a superhero and Robin is his younger sidekick.

2. A complimentary term for Robin, generally used by the fictional Gotham police force and media.

3. A complimentary term for any male based on skill or personality, usually holding some degree of good-natured humour or irony.

4. A sarcastic, derogatory term used to compare a male to a less respected view of Robin; a boy-toy, or kept male with no power and some implication of homosexuality.
n. "And once again, the world was saved thanks to Batman and the BOY WONDER."

n. "Jess, you saved the mainframe! You're a real BOY WONDER."

n. "Look at that BOY WONDER in the corner. The guy has more glitz on than my little sister did on prom night."
by Caltha. March 21, 2004
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A totally incompetent person who has risen to his position by placing the blame on others for his mistakes, usually his subordinates. He knows the fine art of ball licking and that is how he gets his promotions. He is a "yes" man. The whole time he is polishing his manager's knob, he is secretly plotting to take over his job.

He wears loafers with tassles and pants with a fag buckle over the butt crack. He is obsessed with lint on his clothes, frequently rolling packing tape around his fingers, sticky side out to rid his pants of pesky lint. He talks with a lisp.

Boy Wonder also has problems loading toner into copiers. Instead of placing the cartridge in the machine, He opens it and tries to pour it in, resulting in an enormous cloud of toner blanketing everything in the office.

Boy Wonders are absolutely miserable to work for and with. Avoid them like the plague that they are.

Origin: "BOY, i WONDER what he fucked up now."

Greg is totally incompetent. Everyone at the company calls him Boy Wonder!
by Kajoe September 4, 2006
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A derogatory name used to describe a male who thinks he's a man but is really a little boy.
"You had one job to do and you couldn't even do that. Way to go Boy Wonder!"
by Shellzylee June 27, 2015
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A shit chiptune artist that enjoys cawk

aka Daylight Daterape

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1.)Anyone with the name David, Dave, or Davie who is the ish at something specific, or just everything he does. 2.)Name refers to anyone, but not excluded to, who plays soccer like no other. 3.)A side-kick figure with the aforementioned names.
I though I was going to win the chess game, but I got schooled by Davie Boy Wonder.

During my senior year of college, I decided to take Davie Boy Wonder under my wing.
by Davie Boy Wonder Esq. February 2, 2008
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someone without trying with out thinking draws the female populous by simply being there. He can do no wrong with the ladies no matter how bad his screw ups would be if done by a normal male.
Mother Fucking johny dept is a wonder boy.
by Stephen Cox January 25, 2006
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