Leet speak for computer. Most comonly used because of the large number of "0's" which can be replaced with "0's." It can be stacked with other leet speak to make you look like a moron. Also can be used to replace the word boxer (underwear and combat).
i g0ts a shiney r0x0r b0x0r - I have a fine new computer.
my b0x0r is broked - My Computer is malfunctioning.
I am a boxor - I am a boxer
by Toxic Ninja September 16, 2006
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code name for Jack in the Box (the fast-food restaurant)

made up name using internet lingo i.e. coolxor, roxor, adding 0r to everything!!!!!!!,etc.
"Gawsh, I am just aching for some BOXOR after school!"

"I know what James and Angel had on Monday morning... Boxor."

"Boxor is my life."
by Andreaaaaaaaaaaaa May 06, 2008
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An Incredibly L33T way of saying "Kick Ass"
OMFG THAT CS PWN/\G3 t0t/\LLy roxorz my boxorz!!! OMFG!!
by yurg//No replies April 07, 2003
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To Totally Rock Your Boxers.
To kick much ass of the opposing individual. To give other's a wedgy.
dood..that guy totally roxored' your boxers. Yo a$$ must be hurtin'

Yo denesh, he totally roxored your boxors. You want something to pull it out?
by Dirty D November 24, 2004
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leet exclamation of happiness about a person, place, thing, or idea. Stems off of 'rox my box' where box would symbolize a computer tower.
Dude: omfg you roxor my boxors
Dudette: omfg wanna teh mack out?
by Jeff July 16, 2003
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