To hit someone with a two punch combination.
They squared up and Joe hit him, bow bow, and dropped his ass
by Heiziniamhim October 22, 2015
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When it’s too cold to use your hands to congratulate someone on a good diss so you have to use your elbow instead. Was invented by The grime artists Asap Mossy and K hus.
by Big Ghana man October 22, 2018
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This defines the sound of the music track in a porno film as things are heating up. Think: Wah-wah.
At the party she asked me if I wanted to go outside to check out the grounds. She gave me that look and.... bow chica bow bow...
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Porno groove. It is used generally as something to point out sexualy (unintentional) phrases or actions. It originates from the way the backround music in porn sounds.
"No body wants me, I'm not anyone's friend"
"Bow chika bow bow!"
"Ew, shutup! You know what I ment!
by 5cott April 25, 2006
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Usually referring to something sexual.
"I swanked her so hard last night."
"Bow Chica Bow bow!"

Girl:"Come into my room really quick"
Guy: "Okay"
3rd person: "Bow Chica Bow bow!"
by Erbon December 14, 2004
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That song from the eighties!

It goes... "Day Bow Bow... Day Bow Bow... Ohhhh Yeah..."
Person 1: Have you heard that song from the eighties?

Person 2: Which song from the eighties?

Person 1: Day Bow Bow

Person 2: What the hell is Day Bow Bow?

Person 1: You know, that song that goes, Day Bow Bow... Day Bow Bow... Ohhh Yeah...
by St. Chambo February 25, 2011
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