The word bourgeoisie means a middle class that have birds that are spies on the lookout.
by Maseratihottie July 31, 2019
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The word is actually bourgeoisie, not "bushwazee" and is a French word used to describe someone in the upper class or upper middle class.
"Music makes the people come together.
Music mix the bourgeoisie and the rebels"
-Madonna's "Music" lyrics
by Novemberfire July 28, 2008
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In a strict Marxist sense, the petite bourgeoisie represents the middle managers who are capable of purchasing the labor power of the proletariat (working class), but also do not wholly own the means of production. The key defining factor of this group involves the attitudes, values, and opinions they support and display. Members of this social group strive to mimic the behaviors and practices of the Haute Bourgeoisie (upper class, the one percent if you will), even though their own incomes are nowhere near the level of those they deify. They often have an aggressive disdain for the poor even though most of them are a single paycheck away from joining their ranks. Modernly, most of them purchase goods and services on credit, providing for the illusion that they have the same kind of purchasing power that the wealthy do. They use this artificial purchasing power to obtain nice clothes, cars, and jewelry (swag). Most of them are social/fiscal conservatives, Social Darwinists, Objectivists/Ayn Rand fans and/or libertarians. They also have nigh-psychotic delusions of grandeur, thinking that if they just "work hard enough" that they too will join the ranks of the economic elite someday.
"So my buddy only makes 30k a year, just bought a house, a BMW, a rolex, and has a full wardrobe of designer clothes. He also lectures me every day that he 'earned it' from 'working hard' and that anyone who doesn't have what he's got is somehow inferior to him."

"petite bourgeoisie scum."
by sosickoflivinghere December 6, 2013
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The Black upper-class, consisting of black lawyers, doctors, and other high level professionals. They tend to have a separatist attitude towards whites and a condescending attitude against poor blacks.
Bill Cosby's 2004 Pound Cake speech was an example of the rhetoric emanating from the jigga bourgeoisie.
by schuyler_15 March 31, 2009
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When someone complains about their privileges. Usually someone who is rich and lives in a first world country.
Jim: I cant believe my parents wont let me get madden 12 for my ps3

Jeff: I dont want to hear your Bourgeoisie Blues. At least you have a ps3, unlike children in africa.
by demonpr22 October 2, 2011
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1. A person who describes him or herself as a "nerd" or "geek" due to his or her enjoyment of science fiction or fantasy-themed trends that have come into prominence in the main stream media. Members of this middle class consume trendy material without developing a desire to explore additional (but less publicly notable) works or trends in the same genre.
Don't be fooled by Twilight, it's nothing but rubbish to trick the nerd bourgeoisie.
by snickersnack July 28, 2010
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