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Pronounced "booj" (rhymes with "luge" and "rouge").

Short for bourgeois or bourgeoisie in their more popular usage, to refer to pomp and/or snobbery typically associated with upper-class society.
That luxurious clothing boutique was a little too bouj' for my taste.
by Nick Sherman April 13, 2008
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Pronounced b-oo-j

Anything nasty or butters; low-quality. Something of poor quality and overall just disappointing.

Similar to clapped and butters but not the same
Example 1
"How's the pizza tasting?"

Example 2
"Aye, pre that girl over there."
"She's bouj bro."
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by ChibIsBouj June 08, 2018
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Katy got a new car and it’s kinda bouj
by Kuris October 03, 2018
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