1 The buttocks or backside of the human body; a nicer word than butt
2 The lower back; below the back and above the hamstrings
Look at his bare bottom!
by Grant March 6, 2005
the buttocks, the hindquarters, the posterior =rear
Her bottom was sore from the hike we went on the day before, so she decided not to go on a walk today.
by Light Joker November 30, 2004
Anyone in a submissive position in a BDSM relationship, not just homosexuals.
I'm a bottom, because i like to be spanked and told what to do.
by owned April 17, 2005
someone who likes their asshole being stretched and their rectum being filled

i.e. the receiver in gay intercourse
by depressedtwinkhehe January 1, 2021
A noun that describes the gay male who is the receptive partner in a gay relationship. Most heterosexuals see him as the female in the relationship.
I saw you flirting with Joe, you're both bottoms...you're barking up the wrong tree.
by TheBigCanucklehead March 15, 2015
Famous Plumkisser, wall licker, bionicle destroyer and enema lover Akuma Nihmune aka Numi.
Numi is the bottomest of bottoms!
by Pantybell April 28, 2022
term referring to bass notes played by electric bass guitarist like larry graham in sly and the family stone's "dance to the muisic" for example.
listen to larry graham's rift after he sings "i'm gonna add some bottom, so the dancers just won't hide."
by chunky-a July 24, 2011