1. The Roblox game of the same name.
2. A rank that would likely be given in a AI Robot Army. Would be similar to the Colonel rank in the Army.
1. That Bot Commander Game on Roblox is such a banger.
2. Look at that retired robot! He's a Bot Commander! Disguising rude old man!
by Jaeger_Battalion December 5, 2020
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A phrase used by discord moderators to keep 4 line responses from bots out of a channel.
Whenever someone uses a bot command, staff will say "No bot commands in #general" before proceeding to mute the commander for 48 hours.
by random definer person January 25, 2021
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bot commands useless piece of chat. Seriously, who uses that novadays? It's so stupid and it's doesn't even exist!
Only pussies using it for bot commands. We have cool #tabs and #general for that. Pffft.
Yato: bot commands
Literally everyone: NO SHUT UP WE WON'T!!1!
by Terren October 17, 2019
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The secret to summon a dumbass Masterchill
Random Person: bot commands
Masterchill: no bot commands here
by cxlinee⁷ June 7, 2022
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