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The black-purple haired male protagonist of Noragami. He's a minor god of calamity. One of the things he's famous for is a cat face he made in one episode.
Yato is fabulous.
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by AnimeFangrell September 15, 2016
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A very devious, cancerous being. He will pray on you for the stupidest things, like having a medical tattoo or even having a medical condition. He is a very complex specimen, I will admit. He has a PDH in literally everything, so when he say's that you're wrong, you better damn well believe you are. He often says horrible things that he later says were just pranks and boast about how hard he trolled you. He is hated by pretty much everyone he knows, and he calls people "Mamma's boys" while having his parents pay for him to meet a girl from the internet. He also looks down upon another specimen named "Goosem" and chastises him for having no empathy, all while saying that the solution to overpopulations is "Nuking Africa" or "Releasing smallpox into the middle east and India. If you ever are unfortunate enough to come into contact with him, your best chance of survival is to slowly turn and sprint away. Call the local authorities ASAP, and let them know "Weebcunt" has been spotted. They will understand what you mean.

In conclusion, Yato is a horrible, devious, dangerous being. He is to be avoided at all costs, and shall be classified as extremely dangerous. This has been Doctor commie, PHD in Internet retardation. Stay safe folks, and may god see you through these dangerous times.
"Last night I think I saw yato in an alleyway , He was raping an innocent body pillow and had a katana! It was so scary, I don't think I've ever ran that fast!"
by Professor Commie November 01, 2017
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