the second sub-species based off of the homo sapiens species
according to science, discord moderators are the closest thing we have to the original cavemen
by dio brando999 October 29, 2020
A person who either takes shit way too far and punishes you way out of proportion for your actions or is actually very chill, respects you, and actually does it right
Ugh, this discord moderator took my dark joke from a month ago way to far.
by Iamacat_media November 8, 2020
A person who sits on their ass all day doing jack shit and eats a shit ton of chicken and chips and kicks people for putting memes in #general
I just got kicked by a Discord Moderator
by Flaming_DEX December 4, 2020
A retarded person that mutes people for no reason, or for posting memes, is a simp and calls random e-girls "kitten"
by Zexid November 27, 2020
A discord moderator is a person who abuses their power and cannot accept a fact.
These individuals are very salty and mostly annoying.

For our example we shall use the name... Shano
Shano is a discord moderator, he abuses his powers alot.
Thats why im banned!
by imyoba May 14, 2021