The style of haircut in the early 90s where men would buzz cut the lower half of their head and let the top half grow out, usually long enough to pull into a ponytail.
He had a booya hairstyle.
by dream November 13, 2004
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referring to a victory...usually used by nerds and morons.
"I just kicked your ass....Booya"
by BigChong January 3, 2008
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A catch phrase that Stuart Scott cannot get over and uses ever other sportscenter highlight. It is said when one person makes an amazing play or schools an oppnent.
LeBron pulls up for a three and tells the wizards booya, in ya face.
by Goose January 7, 2004
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The word Sterwart Scott, an ESPN Sportscenter anchor, over uses to make himself sound black and gangster, when in actuallity he is a weak neard
Sterwart scott giving a play by play: and here comes the pitch Booya Barry bonds sent that one into orbit, its outa here.
by Justin 22 July 21, 2005
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A sort of chant or shouted word when for example you score a goal in foosball or have just pumped a bullet into someones chest.
"Booya Bitches 20-nothing to me"
by snakeeyes July 29, 2006
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Booya is the rural new jersey term for a blunt ride, L ride, burn ride, bowl ride and burn sesh. This is always done in a car with a group of people. Mostly found inbetween the border of jersey and pa.
Me and my boys are going on a booya.
by z tastic November 29, 2010
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Completely awesome.
Last night was booya.
by V-dog November 8, 2002
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