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My butt just got taken hostage.
Your mom just got booty raped!
I'm gonna booty rape you!
by Mr. Whatzittooya November 21, 2007
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when a hoe gets fucked or raped in the asshole.
dude 1: damn i booty raped sum hoe walking down the street.....i rubed my dick up and down her ass craked then sliped it in and cumed all over it.
dude2: damn why didnt u invite me?
by Michel angelo January 18, 2009
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When your friend goes up to you and attacks you, and you defend yourself by shanking them, they will yell "Booty Rape!" This exclamation means that you have molested them in a way because you touched them when they didn't want to be touched.
Ahhhh! Booty Rape!
John was "booty raped" by his friend Sam because he playfully hit him.
by BootyRape_123 May 20, 2018
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