When someone in a 1st person shooter turns 360 degrees and shoots another player without a scope.
360 No Scope! Oh, did you just see that?!
by Spec In An Urn December 21, 2014
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To spin in a 360 and cum on your partner in specific spot
Person 1: I 360 No Scoped my gf last night
Person 2: where did you hit her?
Person 1: right in her pussy
by encoding werdna October 27, 2014
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When you’re about to fuck a girl from behind and you close your eyes before performing a cartwheel and sticking your dick in while you stick the landing.
Yeah man, she asked me to 360 no scope her last night and I totally missed. It was so embarrassing.
by Hollowr April 29, 2020
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A dumb move often performed by people too bored with a first-person shooter wherein a player using a sniper rifle fires and kills a target, without zooming in, while turning around as fast as humanly possible.
i totally owned that noob with a 360 no-scope. oh wait, that wasn't ownage, that move is pure luck.
by dsaos October 26, 2010
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dood did u see that 1337 360 no-scope i did?

yeh m8 send it to FaZe ur mlg pro
by XxX_420Bl4Z317_XxX June 21, 2015
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When a little cunty noob on COD camps with a sniper and becomes the literal definition of a cuntbag by doing a shitty little spin and getting lucky with his shot
Jesus Christ I bet you 360 no-scope
by wearenumberone February 8, 2017
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To spin around and then after completing a full rotation inserting yourself into you partner and ejaculating in the space of 3 or less seconds
Honey, we should 360 no-scope today because i feel frisky
by MagicMrR February 28, 2015
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