When a rapper or hip hop producer samples or loops an older track. This is known as "Boosting a track." This may also refer to when another beat is played over a vocal track in a club.
The beat on Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy" was "boosted" from a classic R&B track.

"Even your club record need a booster" - Common

"You boosted the record, then you looped it you looped it" - 3rd Base
by 4DAZE September 21, 2009
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a girl thats slum buster, may not be the best looking girl, but will boost your confidence for the night, and your game will bounce back
My girl big timed me, i need to find a booster tonight.

Yo Gillespie, that girl aint that hot, "oh well son she is my booster"
by Tiger Hoods August 31, 2009
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a drink you get to kick off the night with to get your buzz going fast.
what you doin with that steel reserve man? you got that as a booster?
by Ryan June 05, 2005
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