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A boondie is an Australian term for a sand cake that is carved from, or broken off of, a larger, hardened pocket of sand. Boondies are typically yellow-orange in colour due to a coating of iron-oxide. It is this iron oxide that causes the quartz grains to stick together. Boodies are intended to be thrown like snow balls. They are less dangerous than rocks, since they disintegrate on impact.

Boondie may come from 'boundie'. An African term for that is like a rock but not.
I threw a sand boondie at Johnny. You should've seen it explode.
by Dave Echidna April 11, 2007
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Scholars maintain that the translation was lost centuries ago: an unpleasent fleshy shaft often covered in scabs
Leon: I lost my wallet today
Saurab: Suck a Boondie
by Bratown August 03, 2011
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