Hank Hill's back-woods talking neighbor and one of his best friends, from the show, King of the Hill. From what I have pieced together. His full name is Jeff Boomhower, he is an electrical engineer, has a deceased father but mother is still alive. He has a brother name Patch. He has never been married but came close with at lest one girl. He is a ladies man and has a '76 Dodge. He was a quarter-back on his high school's varsity football team and, according to the odometer on Hank Hill's F-150, lives exactly 1/10th of a mile from Hank's house.
"Explosion, dang ol' Mega Low Mart"

"Looks like you could use a shoe in a dang ol' size boom."
by JackD May 25, 2005
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When you getting laaaid your talking shit to her so fast that she no idea your calling her a fucking cum dumpster!
by Whiss-lerr August 01, 2003
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When a person is hard to understand much like the character Boomhower on King of the Hill
Kristy- Last night Jeff drunk dialed me and I could only understand about every fifth word he said
Deb - Oh, he had a case of Boomhower Syndrome
by yakkity yak December 16, 2014
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