A style of hip hop signified by a hard bass drum and snapping snare that is often EQed to the forefront of the beat.
Some examples include the album "Return of the Boom-bap" by Krs-One, the Duck Down record label.

"With a kick, snare, kicks and high hat
Skilled in the trade of that old boom bap" is orginally from A Tribe Called Quest song "We Can Get Down."

The original poster is obviously a new jack attributing it to Apathy, because Tribe is one of the crossover acts that even kids living in the suburbs of Alberta know of.
by joe bobbies May 3, 2005
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boom bap is the roots of hip hop, it's the real type shit. boom bap refers to the sound of those hardcore drums you find in roots hip hop tracks.
" boom bap////boom bap////boom boom bap////ba boom boom bap"
by Ron "The Villian" December 25, 2003
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Describes the bass drum pattern in the real, oldschool hip-hop tracks.
MC Shan - The Bridge

^listen to this song and you'll get it.

boom, bap
boomboomboom bap
boom boom, bap
boomboomboom bap
by Hip Hop Historian May 31, 2005
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Taken from the phonetic sound of old school hip-hop drum samples - 'boom = kick' (i.e. bass drum) 'bap' = 'snare' (er... snare drum)
"With the kicks, snares, kicks and hi hats / still in the trade of that ol' boom bap"

Apathy -- 'That Ol' Boom Bap'
by Rize April 13, 2004
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The popular hip hop music style made famous in the 90’s. Boom Bap refers to the sound of kick and snares which were the prominent sounds of the beat. As opposed to new songs where wannabes 'rap' over techno beats and autotune.

90' boom bap has recently made a come back with the Army of the Pharaohs group.
Fuck these new faggots, Ninties boom bap rap is where its at NUGGA.
by skurkepenis November 7, 2011
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Someone who's music taste is stuck in the 90s, asks for exclusively for hip hop artists on the cave
"hip hop died in the 90s"

"You're a pathetic boom bap incel"
by ballman66 January 25, 2022
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Song by a girl who plays mustafa from the Lion King and is married to one of the Jonas Sisters. Got a disease that wiped out Brazil and was rescued from the jungle and forced into music
by Fillupduhrrr April 14, 2019
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