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A girl who is high class or someone that looks like they have a lot of money
I heard Mike was pulling in Boogee broads all night.
by missessmells May 26, 2005
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When you get a weggie between your breasts if you wear a certain kind of bra; When you don't wear a bra, and your shirt gets stuck between your breasts.
OMG! I got The biggest Boogee ever at the gym!

You can totally tell that Anthony has a Boogee.
by Mind-Wanderer November 04, 2011
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Can mean anything cool
describes cool things, places, body parts, etc...
Warning- Do not overuse the word boogee!
origin- Josh ;-D
That is one boogee booty!
That was one boogee movie!
That skate park was totally boogee!
AHH! That was boogee!
by Mer July 05, 2004
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my 8 year old daughter woke up to find that the tooth fairy took her tooth and only left her a dollar...she was so angry and couldn't go back to sleep all she kept saying was that it was all boo-gee and the tooth fairy was boo-gee!!!! and i been using her word every since!!!! so the word means bull crap or crazy i guess u could use it for a situation or a person so have fun with it!!!!
jamie: what they say? we gotta hurry
rachel: they said they on there way be here in 5 hours
jamie: what????? this is boo-gee!!!!!
by jamro from way back February 23, 2011
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To clean something out, usually with a blast of water or compressed air.
“I gave that drain a good Boogee out with the hose” or “ My ear was blocked so I gave it a good Boogee out”
by Reddog12 July 23, 2018
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