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a slightly universal word, such as trippin, that means anything from being high to just fucking shit up.
Guy 1: "yo, let me get the rest of that tea"
Guy 2: "man, you boofin."

Guy trippin on acid: "omg the unicorn ate the baby!"
Random guy: "wtf is that guy talking about?"
Acid guys friend: "man, ignore him. He's boofin."
by toats mcgoatz September 07, 2010
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The act of of anal sex. To stick it up the butt, to take it to the rear. To cornhole. To plow her back nine. To ride the Hershey Highway. Backdoor lovin. To officially become a Rear Admiral.
I let him get real freaky last night, he boofed the shit right out of me girl.

Don't ever go to prision, there's some heavy duty man boofin going on there.
by The BigSexy July 17, 2006
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Adj. (Boofing)

Def. Stank, Stinkey, This word is used to decribe somthing that has a very unpleasent odor.
by Bryce Miller June 15, 2007
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Stashing drugs, drug paraphernalia and or possibly weapons up ones arse hole.
"I just got off the plane, brought back some of that cali kush!"

"nigga how the hell did u get it past security?"

"I boofed it!!"

"umm...I don't feel like smoking today"

got a girl named cigar called her that because she Cuban
got a black chick that be boosting
got a white girl that be boofin
gotta watch her cause she use it
but she f-ck me like she stupid
and she always ready to give me that becky
last time it was so good I almost crashed my Bentley
by mtfuji March 31, 2010
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aKa: Bumpin' Uglies, Scrumpin', bionkin', Stabbin'...

THe act of making high quality, high energy porn star like SEX.... blessing women with ol' in, out, in, out
Past Tense: I boofed your mom last night.

Verb: The sweat from my back ran down my buttcrack while I was boofin dis ho from out the mountain.
by BoOfFinMaStA August 09, 2003
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A popular term used in New York, which means to stink or to smell extrememly bad
My g, dis bitch breath was boofin!
by RHSNTHSSlang January 03, 2010
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