Spending time with your boo. aka your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Tina couldn't hang with us because she was booed up.
by Dana Dane June 3, 2006
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In a relationship, esp. in the manner that the two involved seem joined at the hip and don't do anything that doesn't involve each other. This can potentially irritate friends.
I don't check for a lot of the homies anymore. They're all booed up, so it's a waste of time inviting them out.

My boy gets booed up and starts actin' brand new. Everything's "my girl" this, "my girl" that. Disgusting.
by Kuahmel August 29, 2008
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Linked to a significant other; in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend;spending.lot of time with your mate;your heart belongs to a special person in your life and your happiest when you're with them
Sharon is never available anymore for our girls night out because she's booed up.
by Gorgeous JJ July 9, 2018
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Submerging oneself in their significant other and forsaking interaction with all others.
Every time Sarah's boyfriend comes over they boo up and won't talk to anyone else.
by GrlCanSang August 6, 2015
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The act of getting a partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend for the winter or cold weather months.
With this cold weather I must find someone to boo up with to keep me warm.

Jim and John are all boo'd up now that winter has sprung.

Lisa and Liz rented a u-haul to boo up for the winter.
by gaykronym November 24, 2015
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To engage in activities usually reserved for intimate relationships (e.g. Making out, holding hands, sexual intercourse, etc) in a non-intimate fashion
Sarah's only going to be in town for a week, so I'm trying to get booed up.
by GarfieldIsntThatFat December 31, 2016
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To be trippin', tweakin', freaking out, extremely paranoid, or overly anxious or entirely too concerned with things that don't require as much energy and thought as the person is spending on it. Having a "worst case scenario" mindset. Akin to Chicken Little, a booed up friend runs around like a flighty little bird, swearing the sky is falling, when there is generally no legitimate cause for their spaz attack.

Can also refer to instances in which a person is justified in their attentiveness to a person or problem, but they quickly become consumed with the issue at hand, to the point of it negatively affecting a person.
"Don't mind Jack... He's been all booed up ever since he saw those cops congregated at the grocery store earlier. He thinks they're planning to raid his house. He doesn't even sell drugs. I told him this weed was gonna make him paranoid. He just doesn't listen..."
Lisa got Missy all booed up about her bf when she told her how he had tried to fuck her the other night whole she was at work.
Kevin is all booed up about this new flu virus now bc of a viral video that someone sent him on Facebook yesterday. He's been sanitizing the house for the last 4 hours, checking all of us for symptoms, and he even ordered an economy sized box of protective face masks for everyone to wear.
by Missy Means April 1, 2020
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