really small boobs. usually boobs with no meat, only the nipples. girls with booblets have big nipples. JUST NIPPLES! thats scary!
Fuck man, I'm goin out with a girl with booblets.
by QUINCAY February 19, 2003
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Breasts that exist on a fully developed female, that are incapable of being termed as 'boobs' due to their lack of volume, and their incapability to be used as leverage during coitus.
With the help of breast implants, my booblets will evolve into boobs.
by Nonnifer November 17, 2010
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a right old boob, a total pain in the ass always trying to rush people, allso likes saying boob and weird random animals and monsters,e.g domo, pigeon, ducks, jaffa man and bunnies, but in her own way is cool and gives good huggs;)
hay booblet how r u and domo booooooooob
by mr boob April 21, 2008
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