A lot, many. Quintessential american slang butchering of the french word "beaucoup."
Check my bling on my wrist, man. Whoa I bet that shiz was boo koo bucks!
by DarenH June 24, 2005
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Very nice...this word comes from french and it is written beaucoup. And YES, it does mean "a lot"
Beaucoup weed. = A lot o f weed :D
by bendoverjunior June 25, 2005
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boo koo spelled buku means an abundance of i.e. plenty
Homeboy just won the lottery and now he has buku dinero, money, scratch, geld, etc.
by Kenneth Brown June 24, 2005
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Acquisition of a large sum of cash or currency. Also called “making coin
I worked overtime last pay period and made boo koo cash on pay day. I am working to make coin.
by Dr Right Now October 18, 2021
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A lot of money. A phonetic spelling of the french word "beaucoup" combined with a word starting with the letter "b" which is a slang term for money, thus creating a "fun to say" turn of phrase for a lot of money.
Jacob: The familys that live on Windfordshtienenshire Court sure do seem to be, quote & unquote...rolling in it, do they not?

Jolanda: Heck yeah, don'chu know? They all got boo koo bucks.
by Vikki Jezebel Blood May 15, 2009
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When you get your ass beat and have two knots on your head
“Jordan Exum slammed kurtis in the bathroom stall and now he has boo koo knots.”
by Slim.- October 23, 2019
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