For girls who use spaghetti and chocolate to lube there hairy upper lips!

Or a Bonnell is a freakishly large transvestite with a luby puppy sized face prosthetic vagina!

Have fun playing Zelda! DSly
You need to use some Bonnell on that lip!

Mate look at that Bonnell
by Cheekybottom February 26, 2014
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A small town located near Morisset, that has nothing but complete Eshayz walking around and making hell for everyone else. Every friday night you can expect to have your letter box broken and destroyed.
Guy 1: "Lets go to the bay and have some drinks, then go and smash peoples letter-boxes around Bonnells Bay!"
Guy 2: Eshayz!!!
Guy 3: Eshayz Braaaa!!
by Derpinaa August 21, 2012
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