the action performed when someone must go to horny jail
Person 1: UwU hewwo *notices bulge* OwO what this? Person 2: *bonk* go to horny jail
by haha funni internet man September 1, 2022
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A highly potent energy drink usually bolstered with several radioactive isotopes, with flavors for two teams--RED, and BLU.

It's a favorite of the Scout.
Dude, stop using the Bonk! It's almost as bad as the FAN.

by Furries and Limeade February 5, 2010
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1. Have sexual intercourse with.
2. To hit, particularly hitting a person on the head.
3. During the hayday of MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon games, text-only roleplay like adventure games played mostly over the net) a commonly said or done action as a sign of mild disapproval or for no particular reason. Polite convention require(d/s) the bonked individual respond by saying oif. Some believe not doing so will upset the bonk/oif balance in the universe, with great consequences. Not saying "oif" is somewhat akin to a ( without a ) or unmatched quotation mark. The practice is still somewhat alive on IRC and (to an even lesser degree) other means of net chat. It has, however, to a large degree been replaced by the fish slap.
I totally bonked her yesterday dude.
Shut up or I'll bonk you're head.
y bonks x. x says "oif!"
by Patrik Lundin October 6, 2004
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A drug used to get high or "go bonkers". Bonk comes in may different forms including: pills, drinks, and tea. The original form of bonk is a brown plant that looks similar to tobacco. Some effects include feeling euphoric and going absolutely bonkers.
" Hey bro, you tryna bonk later?"

"Dude, i just bonked in the bathroom, i'm too bonkers."
"I was bonking my bonk, want some?"
by Frickenchimken April 26, 2019
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Person 1: Bruh u nasty as shit why u eatin the bonk?!

Person 2: Shut yo dumb ass up u already know I’m a Certified Bonk Eater ™️
by asfdbfdweqdsgfnewrhgjf November 15, 2018
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Bonked: being HIGH out of your fucking mind...
Shawn: Yoooooo last week I was bonked as shit

Alex: yeah I know that shit hit hard

Shawn: FR
by JiggySnigga69 August 23, 2019
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