This is a childish introduction to a conversation or just an annoying phrase. It is seen as "memeish" yet can be very cringy depending on the user and how it is said. It can be found on Tumblr posts, and is often "cursed" or "invalid" there. PLease refrain from using it if your friends see it as annoying, but if they view it as fun, it may make a good inside joke.
"Hewwo!" she whispered in a higher voice of her own.

The moment was extremely awkward, so in the silence she said, "Hewwo?" causing the silence to turn into annoyed gasps and giggles.
by MishyMolly May 15, 2018
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Retarded kiddy-happy way of saying hello.
Often used by pedophiles to greet some sex deprived teenager to make them think there a girl
Hewwo tony, it's me clare will you give me you adress?
by John Smith March 21, 2003
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Cov! Come out, come out wherever you are...
I won't hurt you, be a good cov...
by Drazar May 16, 2004
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