5 definitions by YEE my HAW

Half Of My Energy wasted On Random Knowledge.
Timmy: i can't even solve this crap. fricking Homework
mom: how is that Homework going son?
Timmy: BULLSHIT!! It's all BULLSHIT!!

someone not in the story: and that is why Homework is BAD.
by YEE my HAW February 6, 2020
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the ultimate no U reached to the level of INFINITY. no other no u or counter variant can stop it.
Tom: hey Paul.
Paul: what is it, Tom?
Tom: ur mom so fat she's starred in the aquarium. (get it, people thought she was a whale.)
Paul: Uno Reverse Card
Tom: no U
Paul: *no U INFINITY*

Tom: commits die by using glock 17
by YEE my HAW February 3, 2020
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last night and the night before, there was three women, walking down the street. and i was like " hey, what are you women doin'? there's nothin' down there!" and they flew away. i saw them was some birds.

and that was that one night
by YEE my HAW February 12, 2020
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refers a bit to "boner." in french, "happiness."
guy: hey Siri, how do you say happiness in french?

Siri: bonheur


guy continuing: the thckness on this phoque is giving some a BONHEUR!!
by YEE my HAW February 7, 2020
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raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
sticking my D in rotissarie chicken
by YEE my HAW March 5, 2020
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