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when a girl is so hot that she causes an immediate erection.
"man did u see tara yesterday? she looked bonerrific!"
by AJ2005 July 26, 2005
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usually refering to a female, or more exactly a fuckin hotty that you would pray to have sex with, and would be one of the best thigns you remember about your life.
To have sex with her would be boner-rific.
by tGoM July 10, 2002
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Having the quality of being both terrific and sexually arousing (for males).

"God, Megan Fox is so hot in Transformers!"

"Yeah, that movie's Bonerrific!"
by CaucAZN July 20, 2009
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Something so terrificly arousing about a females physical feauture, it will give you a long hard boner!
That girls white and soft breasts are bonerrific!<3
by Titty_Monster April 24, 2013
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(adj)sexually awesome, hot, something causing a male to get a boner or, getting a females nipples hard
That sex last night with you was bonerrific!
that pussy is so bonerrific!
by B-MAN Can March 31, 2011
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