Bojo is a short term that one would call a blow job(when someone sucks a man's penis)
Say a woman who is looking for prostitute business comes up to you. She says,"Do you want me to give you a bojo? It'll be $100 per round."
by Kim Howdon January 22, 2006
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Sex god from the roman city of "Herculaneum ", this extremeley gorgeous male has a way with the women that can only be mastered by himself. Take no reference to the definition above, lies and deceit will get you no-where.

He is now known for his talent in the great sport of basketball, where no one exceedes his tallent.
by BoBo The Clown April 03, 2004
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A hot chick that's so crazy you're Better Off Jerking Off...bojo.
"That blondes hot"
"Forget it. My friend dated her. She's bojo."
by TybeeFlip November 09, 2009
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Bojo: A magical monkey, with white fur. They swear, hit, and bite. They also come in many forms. Eg: TransvestiteBojo, Xmas-Bojo and Army General Bojo.
If a Bojo comes at you, they could be in any form. You could also change it to whatever you want.
by Tom Zagonetka March 05, 2010
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A man who is clearly perfection, who nobody could ever live up to or compare themselves to, a man who simply is a sex God who will put any man to shame, because he is so sexy & always will be. Plus he's a LAD, it's Boris Johnson...
BOJO is such a babe.
by Morgan Freeman123 August 28, 2013
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french vernacular short for "bonjour", meaning good day.
Jean-Pierre: Bo-jo, my homeboy, them ladies treating you well?

by lijrsklke April 04, 2006
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